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About me

What's in a name? 

I have always had a passion for wedding and party planning, interior design, & all things creative. For years friends and family have insisted I start my own event planning company, and after executing my own wedding day and other small events in our home, along with helping plan friend's special days, I decided to take the plunge.

The first hurdle in this process, however, would prove to be a large one; finding a name. A name is everything; it's the first impression someone has of your brand, & what you're about. It needs to hold weight and should be something clients will remember. Using my name seemed cliche, and names I thought would work were already taken. I spent hours brainstorming on it but finally decided to give it a rest and the name would come in time.Later that evening, my husband, Scott, came home from a long day of football camp. We were talking about the countless hours he'd put in so far to prepare, and how so many of his players were much more equipped for the season than they were in April. "It's not about how it starts, it's about how it ends". *Lightbulb Moment" 

The "end" letters of my name [ren]and the last letters in his name [ott}.It fit perfectly,and was exactly what I wanted in a name.creative, impactful, with meaning to boot.
And with that, in 2015,, Ren + Ott Events was born.


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